11/02 - Alan/Bob indicated that they want to go ahead with the moris software work.
The job would be to convert the current moris software to linux, and port the spex GUI
(XUI, IC, DV) to run moris. 

MIT has lots of moris documentation: http://occult.mit.edu/instrumentation/MORIS/

What is moris?
From MIT Moris is:

  1. Andor Ixon DU-897 Camera.
        Camera Head: DU-897E-CS0-#BV. Serial No: X-3020.
        CCD: Model: DV2V Tech CCD97. Pixels: 512x512 17 um2. Serial No: 05445-04-23. 
		  PCI Controller: Model CCI-23.  Serial No: C-2857.
		  Vendor software: Solis v.4.6.5 is used.
		  Vendor web site: www.andor.com

  2. Control computer
     XPC SD30G2: Socket T (LGA775),
          Pentium D 3.20Ghz, 2GB RAM, 82945G Video, GB LAN, WindowsXP
	  hostname is poetspc, vnc 'i***i***'
	  PC has 2 harddisk, WD1500ADFD (both 150GB, SATA 1.5Gb/s).
             C drive - has window XP
             E is a mirror of C (from 2008), don't know how the mirror was made.

  3. GPS
     Spectrum Instruments, INC. Model TM-4.
	  Control of the GPS is via serial port.COM1, 9600
	  Vendor web site: www.andor.com

Rough Plan
1. Sit with bobby, and get 'observing modes' need for linux.
   Get and review Andor SDK.

2. Buy AdderIPEPS, a single KVM over IP. kvm-switches-online.com, $500.

3. Ask bobby for ALL software media. (What if windows goes poof?).
	Document the installation, along with motor code.

4. Install centos 5 on drive E.
   Dual boot, along with Adder iPEPS KVM.

5. Port Spex2 code... but
      GPS as a ic task
      Filter as a ic task. Initialize by reading position.

6. Talked on Bobby about the software:
   Kenetic Series Lenght are the number of 3D images in  a FITS files.
   Prescan - does a full integration. Bobby want's just a flush of the CCD.
   Horizontial Pixel Shift:
      - read out rate & gain - have these up front. 
      - output amplifier - default to conventional. EM mode is dangerous -> ENG MODE only.
      - keep subarrays & binning.

     Movie mode

   GPS trigger:
     trigger on pulse.
     trigger start only


Stated by taking a copy of spex2 and porting to moris (IC, XUI, DV).