1. ielog files

This directory contains the ielog data for the specified UTC date.
This ielog are key events logged by the TCS, and instruments to document
sequences of events during observing to help understand the archived data.

The files provide are:

ielog_YYYYMMDD_all.txt - This file contain all the log entries for the UTC date.

   The format consist of 1 log entry per line, keyword are separated by spaces.
     1st keyword - UTC date.
     2st keyword - UTC Time.
     3st keyword - The unix timestamp (equal to the UCT date + time)
     4nd keyword is the source: TCS, SBG, SGD, etc.
        tcs = Telescope Control System
        sbd = Spex bigdog, or the SpeX spectrograph.
        sgd = Spex guidedog, or the SpeX imager/guider.
        icm = iSHELL cartman, or the iSHELL spectrograph.
        ike = iSHELL kyle, or the iSHELL imager/guider.
     The remains text is the actual login entries.

The following files are produced from ielog_YYYYMMDD_all.txt.
The individual source file are product only if they are present in the _all file.

   ielog_YYYYMMDD_tcs.txt - log entries with the 'tcs' source, IRTF Telescope Control System.

   ielog_YYYYMMDD_sbd.txt - log entires with the 'sbd' source, SpeX spectrograph.

   ielog_YYYYMMDD_sgd.txt - log entires with the 'sgd' source, SpeX imager/guider.

   ielog_YYYYMMDD_icm.txt - log entires with the 'icm' source, iSHELL spectrograph.

   ielog_YYYYMMDD_ike.txt - log entires with the 'ike' source, iSHELL imager/guider.

2. obslog 

The IRTF instruments creates an obslog.txt files while saving data in it's data directory.
A log entry per GO is written describing the data taken. The format is very similar to the
observing log template provided for each instrumment. These logs are copied
into this /ielog_YYYMMDD directory. The program ID and instrument names are appended
to the obslog.txt files. Data saved in the IRTF data directory as
/scrs1/bigdog/2018A013/180621/obslog.txt, will be named /2018A013.bigdog.obslog.txt here.

Archiving the obslog.txt began in Jun 21, 2018 for bigdog, guidedog, moris.
iSHELL supported will soon follow.

3. misc/ 

Any observer provide log sheets, notes, or other documents  are copied in
the the misc directory. This directory may not exist of no additional documentation
was provide.