Apogee Start up

These are staff instruction to start up the apogee software.
The staff should start up apogee.
The observer should only need to 'connect' to stefan:11

1. Starting the Apogee Linux Software

   a. Normally a apogee vnc session is running on stefan:11. Connect 
      to the vnc session, ie "vncviewer stefan:11"

   b. How to create a VNC session on stefan.

      stefan>  vnc -show             <- Check if the VNC session exist
      stefan>  vnc -start apogee     <- If not, create it.

      User your viewer to connect to the vnc session.
      stefan>  vncviewer stefan:N

   c. From an xterm login to apogee as apogee. The type 'start_apogee'
      Remember the apogee is X window software, so setup your DISPLAY if necessary.

      stefan > xhost +

      stefan > rlogin apogee -l apogee
		        (use the project password).

      apogee > setenv DISPLAY stefan:11

      apogee > startapogee