NASA IRTF Visitor Instrument Interfacing and the Multiple Instrument Mount

The MIM is an instrument shuttle system that allows up to 4 large instruments to be simultaneous mounted radially on the buttom of the telescope.
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FigureDescriptionSmall GIFLarge GIF
1IRTF Multiple Instrument Mount 347x4381387x1750
2MIM Assembly Drawing 331x4361325x1742
3Instrument Focus Position 551x3571600x1035
4Quadmount 462x3581432x1846
5Rotator 449x3421367x1794
6Instrument Module 464x3521407x1794
7Module Frame 457x3471387x1829
8Module Frame 455x3481393x1818
9Truck 453x3471388x1812
10Truck 460x3481393x1839
11Instrument Mouting Surface 459x3501401x1835
12Instrument Transporter 461x3511405x1843
13Instrument Bolting Pattern 471x3661465x1885
14Beam Path Restrictions 376x4621504x1846
15On-Axis Camera Side View 494x3801502x1974
16Off-Axis Camera Optical Setup 508x3781512x2033
17Top View of On-Axis/Off-Axis Systems 496x3661463x1877
18Closeup On-Axis Camera Optical Setup 471x3331331x1885
19Closeup Off-Axis Optical Setup 475x3001201x1900

Contact Doug Toomey with further questions about MIM or instrument interfacing.

Last modified: July 20, 2005