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The TCS3 is the Telescope Control System built to replace TCS1, the original facility control system (Master Bus Electronics/LSI-11/23/Forth) built in the 1970s.

TCS3 software runs under Linux. The servo control is performed by a PMAC controller with custom built electronics. Many facility systems are monitored and controlled using opto22 devices, a distributed Ethernet IO unit.

TCS3 has been used for observing since Aug 28,2008.
TCS1 was officially decommissioned on Dec 31, 2008, and removed from the IRTF during 2009.

User's Manuals

User's Manuals

Technical Documentation & Data

Design Documentation - TCS3 Technical Documentationa.

Vendor Information / Documentation - Vendor provide Documents/Manuals

Staff Request - A List of staff generated request & status.

Position_logs Daily position information generate by tcs3.

Staff Only Access

docs - Non public documents
data/ - Data area contains data from pointing run, encoder measurements, etc.
history/ - Project History Directory
history/MOWG_TCS3_Reports - Quick link to TCS3 MOWG Reports

More Computers info

Linux Notes Linux installation and update notes
PMac Notes PMAC motor controller notes
DomeServo E100 Notes (Includes dome-servo-pc notes)
Opto22 Notes opto22 Facility IO notes
embeddedx86 Notes SBC used for APE
Simtac Notes Lab system SIMulated TACometers

TCS3 Historical Documentation/Dates

2013/08 The 2013 hexapod became operational

2012/02 1202_dome_upgrade_docs Upgrading the Dome Servos/Motors

    Feb 2012 - started upgrade effort. Plans review and equipment purchased.
    Apr 2013 - Baldor system used for observing.
    Feb 2015 - Old dome servo hardware was removed from the IRTF.

2009/06 - Safety board Rev D, installed.

2009/01 0901_Safety_Board_Review_Rev_D
2009/02 - TCS1 offically decommisioned. Removal of TCS1 hardware begins.

2008/08/29 - Switch from TCS1 to TCS3 for Observing. (And never switched back).

2007/11 0711_TCS1_Model_Review

2006/11 0611_Final_Report
2006/06 - 1st engineering run with TCS3 fully functionals (Tracking & Slewing).

2005/02 0502_Electronics_and_Safety_Review

2004/05 Servo Review Documents

2003/08 Conceptual Design Documents

2001/06 TCS3 NASA Proposal (not the complete document)

2003/05 Project Overview: PDF Document or Directory.

Reference Data on the TCS1 System and Hardware

history/ - Project History Directory

history/MOWG_TCS3_Reports - Quick link to TCS3 MOWG Reports

Misc - other misc documents here