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User's Guide 

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Catalog Summary

IRTF star catalogs are listed below. From the orginial source, we have reduced the
number of stars to those within -59 to +70  Dec (The IRTF Field of View).

Name     Description                                             NumObjects
bsc5     Bright Star Catalog, 5th Ed. (Preliminary Version) (1995)     8,102

fk5      Fifth Fundamental Catalogue (FK5) Part I (1997)               3,941

sao      SAO Star Catalog J2000 (1995)                               235,500

irtf     Bright Infrared Standard Stars                                   96

hd       Henry Draper Catalog                                        286,780

hd.sao   SAO Henry Draper Subset                                     171,403
         subset of the SAO catalog (SOA stars w/ HD numbers).

ukirt    UKIRT Faint Standards, Revised Ed.                              112
         (from ukirt web site)

gsc      Guide Star Catalog v1.1 (1999)                           21,709,092

2mass    2MASS All-Sky Data Release (2003 release)                 5,581,279
         (IRTF uses a subset, Kmag 7-10)

nomad    The U.S. Naval Observatory (USNO) NOMAD catalog.        1.1 billion
         NOMAD = Naval Observatory Merged Astrometric Dataset

This catalogs_info page has more details, including 
star distribution and magnitude graphs.

Programmer's Notes 

Notes on building the catalog and the raw catalog data is located at 

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