1. Running mmtest to take a mirror position dataset.

   1. Goto the tcs3 computer( should be t1 ).
      Put the telescope into the MP servo mode.
      Open an xterm
      Log into stefan as tcs3 using:
         > ssh stefan -l tcs3

   2. Run the mmtest program.
      > cd public_html/mirrorpos/
      > mmtest

      Normally hit return when prompt, as default are good for normal mirror motion test.
      Follow the instructions provide by the program.
      Don't move beyord the telescsope limit, you can ignore the MP and just
      record at the present position.

      Hint: You can copy the 'MP ha dec' command from the xterm into
            the mcc's command line to the MP move.
      It takes about 45 minutes to collect the data.

   3. The resulting data file should be availiable via the web.
      Just hit this link after taking the data: ./

   4. file format for mmtest is:
      column     Data
        1        Telescope Azimuth, degrees.
        2        Telescope Elevation, degrees.
        3        Hour Angle, hours.
        4        Declination, degrees.
        5        Mirror Position sensor #1, West Axial(top), inches.
        6        Mirror Position sensor #2, West Radial(side), inches.
        7        Mirror Position sensor #3, North Radial(side), inches.
        8        Mirror Position sensor #4, North Axial(top), inches.
        9        Mirror Position sensor #5, South Axial(top), inches.
       10        LoadcellNW #1, lbs. (digimin 2010)
       11        LoadcellNE #2, lbs. (digimin 2011)
       12        LoadcellS  #3, lbs. (digimin 2012)

   5. Also as of June 2010, the mirror postion data has been recorded by the
      iqup system every 2 min. or so.
      Go to the IQUP site to retrieve the data:IQUP Home Page

2. Querying data from mirror position sensor, or load cells: 

   The mmtest uses thes commands to get the data from the mirror
   position sensor, and load cell. You can run them on the command
   line to see if they are working, ie:
   ERR 0.00040 MP_NS 0.00015 0.00140 0.00045

   /home/tcs3/src/mirrorpos/loadcellio.tcl digimim 2010
   OK 000540.

   /home/tcs3/src/mirrorpos/loadcellio.tcl digimim 2011
   OK 000665.

   /home/tcs3/src/mirrorpos/loadcellio.tcl digimim 2012
   OK 000728.

3. Also ..

   ./docs - some documentation for the mirror position sensors and load cells.

   ././archive/casspc_home_mirror - a copy of /home/mirror from casspc.
      Copied on 2010 June 22.  Prior the June 2010, the mirror position
      serial line was plugged into casspc and the data collection was
      done here.  Also look at /benchmark/mirror for other old data.