Third Quarter 1996

With the SpeX Preliminary Design Review scheduled for 8 October '96, much effort this quarter was spent on preparing a design document for the PDR. This document was distributed to reviewers before the meeting in Honolulu.

Warm tests of mechanisms were completed. These tests also included tests of new surface treatments and materials with a view to minimizing debris and wear. As a result Vespel worms will now probably be employed in cryogenic mechanisms.

With optical tolerancing now completed on major portions of the instrument optics, preliminary quotes were obtained from vendors for the fabrication of all lenses and prisms. Procurement will begin following a successful PDR. After an investigation of various mirror-slit fabrication techniques, we have decided to use gold coated calcium fluoride substrates, to minimize scatter.

Conceptual designs for the array controller were completed.

Components for the Instrument Control computer were bought and the computer was assembled. Software development on the system has begun.

The PAIDAI project to fund a foundry run of 1024x1024 Aladdin II Insb arrays, signed a contact with SBRC in late September. SpeX will get first choice of array from this foundry run.