Second Quarter 1996

Work continued on the design of the cryogenic mechanisms for SpeX. A test mechanism incorporating two different design options was built. Warm and cold tests of this mechanism in the SpeX test dewar are planned for next quarter. In preparation for these tests, design work commenced on position sensing strategies. Detent mechanisms and Hall effect sensors are being investigated.

Now that the optical design is fixed, work began on design of the optical mounts, and in particular the layout of the different grating and prism modes in the grating turret.

Detailed design of the array controller and instrument control computer also got underway.

It was proposed that two Keck/CARA-funded groups (Ian McLean and Keith Matthews) join PAIDAI. The Keck groups will probably get picks 3 and 5 (to be decided) in exchange for $150k. Mike Mumma began drafting MOUs for each member of the project (SpeX/UH, FCAS/GSFC, NOAO, NIRSPEC/CARA, and NIRC2/CARA).