Smokey is the IRTF off-axis guider


Smokey is a IRTF offaxis guider. Images are obtained via a frame grabber.
The version of smokey running under CentOS 6.x (as of 2014/11).

Block Diagram: PDF or .odg (oodraw) 


   **smokey_startup.html - Smokey start up procedures. Plus some trouble shooting help.

   xawtv - Using xawtv, a X11 video program for linux.

Computers & Software 

   linux - Linux setup on smokey.

   about - More info on esp300, osprey_100, portserver, siznet, smartmotor

Mechanical and Optics 


Older version

The CentOS5 version of smokey used from about 2007-2014 is known as smokey2.

MISC Stuff

misc - misc directory (stuff that might be related to smokey)