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This directory contain the latest copy of the NSFCAM Documentation.

Note: The current User's Guide is distributed in both Postscript and
PDF (Portable Document Format) formats. The postscript version is
also provide in 3 parts since some users have trouble printing large
postscript documents. PDF is a binary format for electronic
distribution. PDR readers for Windows, Macintosh, and various versions
of UNIX can be found at Adobe WWW page:

This subdirectory contains the following:
README.txt          Summary of files in this subdirectory.

guide.contents      The table of context of the User Guide.

guide.pdf           A PDF (Portable Document Format) copy of the
                    NSFCAM User's Guide, revision 3. Use Adobe
                    acrobat software to view & print this document.
                    Acrobat software is free from Adobe
                    (          A postscript copy of the entire NSFCAM User's
                    guide, revision3. The file is compressed.

guide.rtf           A RTF (Rich Text Format) copy of the NSFCAM User's
                    Guide, revision 3. RTF files can be imported into
                    popular word processing programs (MS Word,
                    ClarisWorks, etc.).

nsfcam.description  A Brief Description of the Instrument
                    (from the Preface of the NSFCAM User's Guide).