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MORIS (MIT Optical Rapid Imaging System) is an facility science camera used for observing on the IRTF. This high-speed, visible wavelength camera is mounted on the side window of SpeX, an near-IR imager and spectrograph. The design is based on POETS (Portable Occultation, Eclipse, and Transit System), which was developed by MIT and Williams Colleges.

Quick User Info:

MORIS was built as a joint MIT/IRTF project. The official MORIS web page is hosted by MIT at:
This excellent web site documents MORIS's construction and Windows based enviroment.

After MORIS came to the IRTF, a project to run the camera using with a IRTF like interface (XUI, DV) under linux was started in 2011. This site documents the IRTF development effort.

Significant MORIS Milestones

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