Tony has been working on MOC (Moris Optical Camera) for a few months. MOC will
use the Ixon Ultra, a updated version of the Ixon. This Ultra has improved
readout electronic, and a USB interface (replaceing the PCI Board, fat cable)
on the orginial Ixon. 

Due to the start up issue with the Ixon (PCI), the IRTF wish to test the new
camera on MORIS.

Today, we swapped the Camera on MORIS with the Ixon Ultra.
Also with the camera, the spare MORIS PC was updated with: 

   CentOS 6/x64 replaced CentOS 5/x32
	Andor linux SDK 2.101.30011.0 (2016Oct) replaced  Linux_SDK_V2.94.30006.0 (2012).
	Windows 7 replaced Windows XP
	Solis-4.29-64bitss replaced Solis_4.8.3 (2008).

An updated MOC/MORIS software replaced the old moris linux software.

2016-11-14_connelley_email.txt/ - email annouceing the swap.
MORIS_5403.JPG/ - picture of the new camera on spex.
MORIS_5405.JPG/ - picture of the new camera on spex.