Image Quality Error Codes

FM_NSno sensor on flow meter
FM_TOconnection timeout to flow meter
OC_NSno sensor on omega controller channel
OC_TOconnection timeout to omega controller
PS_BHinvalid hostname (non-ip based) for portserver
PS_BPinvalid/refused port on portserver
PS_RFtelnet connection refused by portserver
PS_FHconnection closed by foreign host
PS_NRno route to portserver
PS_TOconnection timeout to portserver
TC_NSno sensor on lakeshore controller channel
TC_TOconnection timeout to lakeshore controller
VC_NSno sensor on vaisala controller channel
VC_TOconnection timeout to vaisala controller
WS_NSno sensor on wind speed controller
WS_OFold wind speed file detected
WS_TOconnection timeout to wind speed controller