Eric L Volquardsen

Research Associate
Institute for Astronomy
University of Hawaii
640 N Aohoku Place
Hilo, HI 96720

808 932-2324


Composition of hydrated near-Earth object (100085) 1992 UY4.
E.L. Volquardsen, A.S. Rivkin, S.J. Bus
Icarus 187, 464-468 (2007)

The surface composition of Ceres: Discovery of carbonates and iron-rich clays.
A.S. Rivkin, E.L. Volquardsen, B.E. Clark
Icarus, 185, 563-567 (2006)

Radar and infrared observations of binary near-Earth Asteroid 2002 CE26.
M.K. Shepard, J. Margot, C. Magri, M.C. Nolan, J. Schlieder, B. Estes, S.J. Bus, E.L. Volquardsen, A.S. Rivkin, L.A.M. Benner, J.D. Giorgini, S.J. Ostro, M.W. Busch
Icarus 184, 198-210 (2006)

Conference Abstracts

Sitting Around Watching the World Ceres: A Rotational Study of the Innermost Dwarf Planet
A.S. Rivkin, E.L. Volquardsen
LPSC 39, 1920 (2008)

Hydrated Minerals in Outer-belt Asteroids
E.L. Volquardsen
AAS 210, 108.02 (2007)

The Surface Composition Of Asteroid 1 Ceres
A.S. Rivkin, E.L. Volquardsen, B.E. Clark
DPS 38, 71.05 (2006)

What is the Surface Composition of Ceres?
A.S. Rivkin, E.L. Volquardsen
LPSC 37, 1822 (2006)

Albedo Distributions of Near-Earth and Intermediate Source Region Asteroids
E.F. Tedesco, W.F. Bottke, S.J. Bus, E.L. Volquardsen, A. Cellino, M. Delbo, D.R. Davis, A. Morbidelli, J.L. Hora, J.D. Adams, M. Kassis
DPS 37, 15.24 (2005)

Improved 3 micron Band Determination in the Spectra of Aqueously Altered Asteroid Regoliths
E.L. Volquardsen, A.S. Rivkin, S.J. Bus
DPS 36, 32.13 (2004)

Orbital Distribution of Main-belt S-type Asteroids
S.J. Bus, R.P Binzel, E.L. Volquardsen, J.L. Berghuis
DPS 36, 32.11 (2004)

Characterizing the Visible and Near-IR Spectra of Asteroids using Principal Component Analysis
S.J. Bus, R.P. Binzel, E.L. Volquardsen
DPS 35, 34.03 (2003)