1. Installing print Ricoh MP C2050 for Win10: 

Using the Ricoh MP C2504 (upstair printer/copier):
Windows 10 make it easy.
   - control panel -> Device and Printer -> "Add a printer" 
   - click on "The printer that I want isn't listed"
   - do "add a print using a TCS/IP address or hostname", and used (c2504-225.ifa.hawaii.edu)
   That's it, the printer should work.

   Then configure the papertrays are follows:
     + Paper Size Settings:
         tray 1 & 2: 8.5x11
         tray 3: 8.5x14
         tray 4: 11x17

 2. What to do when irsummitpr is stuck with jobs.  

   1. use 'lpq' &  'cancel' to clear queue.
   2. Recycle power on the printer.
   3. do '/etc/init.d/cups restart' to restart cups
   4. do 'enable irsummitpr' to enable printer.

   example, (as root on duke):

      # lpq
      # cancel JOBNO
      (recycle power on printer).
      # /etc/init.d/cups restart
      # enable irsummitpr

      (go test the printer).