1. Intro 

Simple Git notes

Installed on my centos 4.7  computer using:
   #  yum --enablerepo=dag install git
   #  yum --enablerepo=dag install git-gui

installed git.i386 0:

2. New Project 

  cd project/       - your project's location
  git init          - Initialize the repository
  git add .         - add all files to repository
  git commit        - initial import

3. Info

   git log           - display commit history of project.
   git status        - display current status (files that changed).
   git diff          - shows changes

Cloning & Merging

   user1> git clone /home/denault/temp/project1 project1
   user1> (edit files)
   user1> git commit -a
   #master must pull the changes
   > git pull /home/denault/temp/project1/u1 master

   Can't figure out how user1 can pust to repo and have it up-to-date