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Linux Notes

   grub.txt - hints on using grub.
   linux-compiling_kernels.html - notes on compiling the kernel
   restore.txt - linux backup & restore
   rpm Commands - Quick notes using RPM.
   rsync.txt - rsync examples 
   usbdisk-on-linux.txt - mounting usb drive in linux.
   vnc.txt - vnc notes.
   yum_summary - Quick notes on configuring and using yum.

Other Computing

   hg.html - my notes on hg
   git.html - my notes on git
   pc58.txt - my notes on the pc58 motor controller.
   printers.html - printing advice for ifa hilo.

Web Notes

   Getting Started with HTML: (PDF) from

   Advance HTML: (PDF) from

   Using CSS or a touch of Style: (PDF) from

   creating_web_site_by_hand.pdf - Good advice on make simple html pages.

Other Stuff

   Sync_with_Google_Cal_and_Thunderbird.pdf - These notes rock!
   chown_for_operators.html - Staff help for chown
   ircam_linux.txt - IRCAM is used for astroday IRCamera.
   standup_desk - making my compute table a stand up desk.

Old Stuff

   Old/ old documents one step away from the rubbish bin.

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