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Sometime I get request for program or code I have written, so I made a page listing some stuff available for download.

Device Drivers:

A linux 2.6 parallel port driver, parint. This driver timestamps ACK pulses using the parallel port hardware interrupts. README.html.

A Linux 2.6 Device driver for the Heidenhain IK220 PC Counter Card ik220/README.ik220.


pmac_turbo_mac_lite.2004-03.tar - DeltaTau Turbo PMAC lite PCI Servo controller (LinuxOS: 2.4.xx) README.

pc38_lynxos220.tar - Oregon Micro System PC38 motor controller device driver for LynxOS 2.2.x/PCAT.

pc38_linux.tar - Oregon Micro Systems PC38 motor controller device driver for Linux 2.0.xx.

pc58_linux.tar - Oregon Micro Systems PC58 motor controller device driver for Linux 2.0.xx.

tpro_lynxos220.tar - TPRO-VME (GPS Timer board) device driver for LynxOS 2.2.x/167, 680x0, VME.


mylib.source.tar.Z - Source code to mylib(My Libraries) (Apr 2002). README.mylib file.

SixNet Universial Protocol on UDP - some code that does SixNet Universial Protocol on UDP (sockets).

libir1.source.tar.gz - Source code to libir1 (updated Jan 2008). README.libir1 file.

xmt212.tar.Z - Source code to for XMT (Motif Tools by Flanagan). With modification made to work under solaris 2.7.


gallery - simple html picture gallery script for linux.

armweb_app.tar - Source code for ARMweb + accelerometer sensor. See the README.armweb.txt file.

dv2.tar.gz - Source code to DV2 (Data Viewer), a FITS Data viewer (version 2015.09). See the README.dv2.txt file.

dv.source.tar.gz - Source code to DV (Data Viewer), a FITS Data viewer (Jan 2008). See the README.dv.txt file.

xgfit.source.tar.Z - Source code to XGFIT, performs a gaussian fit to an XY data set. See the README.xgfit file.

vf.source.tar.Z - Source code to VF (View Fits), a FITS viewer (6/13/2000). See the README.vf file.

If you find any of the items help, drop me an email, post card, or whatever. I would be interested in see how (or if) it helped you.
Feel free to contant me if you have any questions, comments, problems.


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