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Spextool (Spectral EXtraction TOOL) is an IDL-based data reduction package for SpeX, a medium resolution near-infrared spectrograph on the NASA IRTF.  It performs all of the steps necessary to produce spectra ready for analysis and publication including non-linearity corrections, flat fielding, wavelength calibration, telluric correction, flux calibration, and order merging.  Spextool was written by Michael Cushing, Bill Vacca, and John Rayner.  I have also modified Spextool to reduce data obtained with TripleSpec on the Palomar 200″, TripleSpec on the 3.5m APO, and the low-resolution single order mode on FIRE on the 6.5m Magellan (See below for more information on these modes.)

The current stable version of Spextool (v3.4) can be downloaded from the Spex website.


Screenshot showing three of the Spextool windows during the extraction process. 

If you use Spextool for any of your data reduction, please reference the Cushing et al. (2004) and Vacca et al. (2004) papers list below.

Spextool:  SpeX

Spextool:  APO/TripleSpec

Spextool:  Palomar/TripleSpec

Spextool:  CorMASS

A list of papers in which Spextool was used can be found here.


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