Imaging with the CSHELL Guider

1. Connect to the CSHELL Guider's VNC session

    A. Call the IRTF and asked for the cshell guider vnc server (normally and vnc password.
    B. User your vnc viewer client and connect to this session.
    More detail on VNC is found at VNC page.

2. Check XUI settings for reasonable initial values

A.  Select Single Shot for the Cam Mode
B.  Check the View IC Data box
C.  Set Itime, Coad, and Cycles to desired values

3. Click GO in XUI (image should show up in DV)

4. Saving images

    The images can be save individually in DV, but using the save dialog box. Or you can setup DV to save each image being send to it by the guider:

    A. Go to DV's Setup tab, and click ON the "Cshell.Guider.Save.Image" checkbox.
    B. Set the path to something like "/scrs1/guider/Jan01".
    C. As the guider is taking image, confirm files appear in the above directory. You can do this by via another xterm.
    D. Remeber to uncheck "Cshell.Guider.Save.Image" when you are done.
NOTE:  The default format of the saved filename is YYMMDD-HHMMSS.fts.

guider image image

LAST UPDATE: February 1, 2010