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The Apogee system was a Visible CCD using the AP7 Apogee camera used from 2003 to 2013.
The Apogee system was retired in 2014.

Here is the announcement for the Apogee (from 2003?):
   The Apogee AP47p CCD camera is now available for use.  It is mounted on
   the acquisition camera and so it is available at all times.   The Apogee 
   camera can be used to obtain visible-wavelength images in support of near- and
   mid-IR observing programs.  This camera is thermoelectrically cooled, and
   utilizes a Marconi 1024x1024 CCD that has 13-micron square pixels and a
   measured read noise of 12 electrons.  We operate the camera at -30 degree C,
   which results in an average dark current of 2.7 electrons / sec.  During readout,
   pixels are binned 2x2, producing 512x512 images with a pixel scale of
   0.13 arcsec/pixel and a field of view of 66 arcsec.  Initial sensitivity tests 
   have shown that this camera can yield a 10-sigma detection of an R = 19.5
   magnitude point source in 30 seconds through a standard R-band filter.

IRTF Documentation

How to start the apogee software: apogee_startup.html

The linux software came with this user's guide: ug.pdf

Apogee Vendor Documentaton.