AO Software

Software documents.

1. User Documents

    AO Startup or AO Startup Manoa.

    AO Shutdown.

    AO with dithering and beams switching..
    AO on non-science object w/ non-sidereal rates.

    Make the Primary Inverse Matrix.

    AO Command Dictionary.

    Tony's Notes (Future AO Software User Guide): word.doc. or PDF.

    IDL Hints - Help with IDL.

2. Technical Documents

    The AO IC hardware manuals and setup notes, plus references to RTLinux stuff.

    Tony's Hardware Diagram (PDF).
    Tony's AO Mechanism (PDF).
    09/27/2001 - Doug's Mechanism_Requirements.pdf
    A Software specifications (Functional_Spec.htm)by Doug.
    My Input for the 05/15/2001 Design Review: Software Design Review Notes.

    Software change logs:


3. About - General information about AO related topics.

    About the Primary Loop.
    About the TT (secondary) Loop.
    About the DigiOne Port Server (WFS's mfocus).
    About the Digi PortServer 16 (Relay).
    About the Animatics Smart Motor.
    About the SixNet IO Modules (WFS Utility Box).
    About the IPC 'Power Controller' (FCS Laser).

4. Misc.

    Miscellaneous Files.
    Files for others to download.

5. Depreicated documents.

    How to start up the Zyoptics AO software zao_startup.html.