Safety and Visitors Info

IRTF Safety Regulation for IRTF Observers

  • IRTF Safety Regulations - All Observers must review this document prior to visiting the IRTF Summit Facility
  • Safety Procedures, Precautions

  • Evacuation Procedure - Rules and procedures to follow when evacuating
  • MKSS Winter Precautions - How to find current summit conditions and who to contact if in need of assistance
  • Winter Hazards - Additional hazards that are present during Winter months
  • Driving Recommendations - Important information for driving to the summit
  • IFA Map and Locations - Maps and locations of Institute For Astronomy facilities
  • IRTF Risk and Release Form

  • Safe and Enjoyable Trip - Tips and advice on how to stay healthy and enjoy your trip to the summit
  • Summit Information - How to prepare for weather on the summit
  • Risk Release Form - Required by IRTF visitors going to the summit
  • Maunakea Health Cautions - Required form for IRTF visitors to verify they are in good health
  • Archived MKSS Safety Info

  • MKSS Safety Info 2013 - Information on Safety Policy from the Mauna Kea Support Services
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