Freia Staff Page

A simple page for managing the user account on Freia.

1. List of acccount, expiration date, and waiting lists

Account    User              Beg       Expires  Comment

fguest1    N/A

fguest2    N/A                                                   

fguest3    N/A

fguest4    Benjamin Rackham   03Sep21  28Feb23  appleredrose, extend to Feb23. Has many 2022B runs.

fguest5    N/A

fguest6    N/A

fguest7    Rena Lee           23Nov22   28Feb23 oceanfishsurf 

waiting_1  N/A

waiting_2  N/A

2. How to assign a new account.

	# stop vnc desktop (as root)
	systemctl stop    vncserver@:N.service

	# login, make new home directory for new account 
	ssh freia -l fguestN
	find . -xdev -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1  \
	  ! -name .cshrc ! -name .login ! -name .logout -print  -exec rm -r {} \;
        tar xvf /aux1/guest_template.tar

	# re-start vnc desktop  (as root)
	systemctl restart vncserver@:N.service

   set passwd, vncpasswd for user account.
   disable screensaveer & lock screen, display power managemenet (Power Manager) in Applications->Setting->Screensaver.
   Test it.
   Email user, and SS_contact account information. Sample Email

3. How to deactivate an account.

   set passwd, vncpasswd so is can't be accessed (project passwd).

4. More Documentation for Friea is on the IRTF Team Drive:

5. History 

   User                       Active   Expires  comment    

fguest5    BELINDA DAMIAN     29Aug21  31Oct22  saddoghappygood, extend to Oct31 (multiple 2022A runs).
                 (disabled on 25Nov2022).

fguest6    Mark Rushton       05May22  31Aug22  grassgreenparrot, user 2022A041.

fguest1    Rosie Johnson      11Feb22 31May22  OceanBlueNeptune. extend to 31May, per email on 27Apr.

fguest3    MIZNA K A          09Nov21  07Feb22  sunyellowbanana

fguest2    Jessy Jose         16Nov21  31Jan22  treegreenlime. Deactived on 31Jan22.