Freia for Observers

Freia is a standalone IRTF linux workstation with limited guest user accounts. Observers can request a temporary guest account to reduce their SpeX or iSHELL data using Spextool. This could be useful for those without access to IDL at their home institution, for example.

Freia guest user accounts are good for 3 months. Accounts are then offered to others waiting. They could also be renewed on request. Otherwise, guest user files are wiped at the end of the access period.


  • • a RockyLinux8 PC, with xfce desktop, and IDL 7.x, with Spextool for Spex, and iSHELL.

  • • ...does not share any other IRTF resources (observing account, raw data on /scrs1).

  • • ...disk space is local, and users must ftp their data on or off.

  • • ...provides a shared 4TB disk for storage (shared among all guests).

How do I request an account?
Email: a g a r w a l < a t > h a w a i i . e d u

How do I VNC into my Freia desktop?
The Freia computer is behind a firewall. To VNC to the desktop, you will need to create a VNC tunnel (on your computer) to (VNC Server).

Freia VNC for Linux, MacOS, or unix users.

Freia VNC for Windows.

How do I get my data to Freia?
You should be able to sftp you data to Freia. Example:

   sftp    # replace 'fguestN' with your login account

How do I start Spextool or IDL in the VNC session?
Once on the VNC desktop, open a terminal. This terminal will print a ~/README.txt file to the screen with instructions on how to start Spextool for SpeX or iSHELL, and how to run IDL on its own.

Where is the IRTF staff documentation?
The Freia Staff Page is for IRTF staff only.