IRTF Data Reduction Resources

This page contains links to various resources for the reduction of data taken at the IRTF. We welcome contributions. For more information, contributions, or suggestions, please contact Adwin Boogert.


Spectra taken in all observing modes of the pre-upgraded SpeX and the upgraded SpeX can be reduced with the well-tested, interactive program Spextool. It works in the IDL environment. All users should read Sections 1 and 2 of the manual (found in Spextool/manuals/) before attempting to run the software. A gzipped tar file uSpeXdata.tar.gz containing raw SXD+LXD_Long SpeX data can be used to test drive the downloaded Spextool package. Comments, suggestions for improvements, and bug reports should be directed to Mike Cushing at


Reduction of iSHELL spectra will be done with a modified version of Spextool. It is currently undergoing testing, and the tool is anticipated to be released in October 2017.


Photometry with MIRSI data is described in mirsi_stepts.txt and these IDL library files are needed.

Apogee Camera

The data reduction for the (no longer offered) Apogee camera is described in apogee_steps.txt, and it requires these IDL library files.

Other Relevant Data Reduction Resources

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