IRTF Observing Requirements Form

This form must be completed by the principal investigator on the observing application and returned to the IRTF office as soon as possible -- at least no later than 1 month prior to the observing run -- so that the necessary logistical arrangements can be made for the observing run. Failure to do so will hinder staff attempts to provide the appropriate instruments, supplies, transportation, lodging, and staff support for the run.

There are three parts to the ORF. Enter the program information from the observing application confirmation email in the fields below and click the 'Validate' button to access the next portion of the form where the dates for which the form is being submitted can be selected. Remote and on-site information should be entered on separate forms.

This form can be accessed no more than 35 days prior to the start of any future semester, as that is when the guest accounts are created which in turns generates the credentials for the form. The program number must include both the semester and the 3-digit number of the program (for example, 2013A001). The session code is the 10-digit alpha-numeric code associated with each observing application and can be found in most of the emails associated with a given application (for example, ABCDEFGHIJ).

Program Number:
Session Code: