Audio / Video Conferencing Information

The IRTF now provides a number of methods by which an observer can communicate with the summit during remote observing sessions. These range from advanced video conferencing using a PolyCom ViewStation system, all the way down to the basic telephone. Observers should select their means of communication based on their observing needs, but they must let the Telescope Operator know how contact will be made, via the ORF.

This is a current list of methods for communicating with the summit:

  • The summit has a PolyCom ViewStation FX H.323 unit and a 27" TV monitor. The ViewStation FX is an Internet-based unit that supports up to three H.323 clients. The IRTF summit PolyCom IP address is:

  • IP-based audio communication using Skype. The software can be downloaded for free from:

  • Skype premium account. The username is irtftos. More information here.

  • PolyCom speaker phone. The phone number is 808-974-4211.

Observers interested in using IP-based video conferencing must have compatible equipment at their end. To test video links prior to the run, observers should contact their support astronomer.