Observing Data Disk Space

    There is one volume of about 3 TB capacity available for data storage at the IRTF.

    This volume contains an area accessible throughout the IRTF known as /scrs1, where observing data are stored. The main rule governing its usage is that you must create a sub directory, based on your program number, before you start writing data to the disk.

    In order to keep disk space available for the current observers, the IRTF adheres to the following policy regarding this /scrs1 space:

    • items not modified in the past 45 days are automatically deleted

    • this space is mirrored for your protection. Mirroring is done daily at around 8:00am. However, prudency would dictate that data not be considered safe until the observer has backed it up.

    • the mirror is written to tape twice a month by the system administrator. The tape backups are stored at the IRTF Hilo office.