NASA Infrared Telescope Facility (IRTF)
Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii

Telescope Allocation
Committee Members


Dr. Silvia Protopapa (Fall 2016 through Spring 2018)
University of Maryland

Dr. Serena Kim (Fall 2016 through Spring 2018)
University of Arizona

Dr. Constantine Tsang (Spring 2017 through Fall 2018)

Dr. Lisa Prato (Spring 2017 through Fall 2018)
Lowell Observatory

Dr. Driss Takir (Fall 2017 through Spring 2019)

Dr. Charlie Conroy (Fall 2017 through Spring 2019)

Dr. Bin Yang (Spring 2018 through Fall 2018)
ESO Chile

Dr. Katelyn Allers (Spring 2018 through Fall 2019)
Bucknell University