Spring 2002 News

There were several major accomplishments in 2001:

We have several major goals for 2002:

Proposal deadline for Aug. 2002 – Jan. 2003
Fall 2002 semester observing proposals are due on Monday, April 1. See the instructions, current application form, and list of instruments.

Remote Observing available
We will accept proposals for remote observing from Hilo, Hale Pohaku, or your office for the fall 2002 semester.

Bibliography & Science Highlights
Keeping NASA informed of the progress and success of observers is a very important part of operating the IRTF. The IRTF bibliography is one method used to accomplish this. We ask observers to periodically check to see if their publications are listed and are up to date. A submission form is provided for all new entries, or you can email your IRTF publication information to us. The IRTF Science Highlights are also vital for this purpose, and we welcome all to send us highlights, which may be sent to NASA.

Lars Bergknut was selected as Foreman in October 2001. Charles Lockhart was hired as the Embedded Software Engineer in November 2001.

It is with sadness that we report Danley Lee (Observatory Maintenance Technician) passed away on February 17, 2002. We shall miss him.