Ascii Data Files for Stars in the Kleinmann & Hall (1986) Spectral Atlas

The stellar spectra from the Kleinmann & Hall (1986) K-band spectral atlas are available as ascii data files. The files contain a brief header and two columns of data: the first column is the wavelength in microns and the second is the normalized flux. The spectra have been normalized to unity at 2.212 µ. Below we list the spectral types, the star names, and the offset constants applied to the fluxes in the postscript plots. The ascii data files can be found by clicking on the star name. The postscipt spectral plots can be brought up by clicking on the offset number. FITS files of the spectra are also available.


Sp. Type Star Name Offset
G0 0-Ia HR 8752 5
K0 0-Ia RW Cep 4
K5 Ib HR 8726 3
M2 Ia mu Cep 2
M3-M4 Iab SU Per 1


Sp. Type Star Name Offset
F8 III upsilon Peg 5
G0 IIIp 31 Com 4
G2 IIIb 84 Her 3
G5 IIIa omicron U Ma 2
G8 IIIab epsilon Vir 1
K0- III iota Cep 5
K2 III kappa Oph 4
K3 III 39_Cyg 3
K5 III gamma Dra 2
M0- III gamma Sge 5
M1 III 75 Cyg 4
M2 III chi_Peg 3
M5 III R Lyr 2
M7- III BK Vir 1
M7 III: SW Vir 0


Sp. Type Star Name Offset
G3 V 16 Cyg A 5
G4 V 16 Cyg B 4
K0 V sigma Dra 3
K5 V 61 Cyg A 2
M2+ V GL 411 1
M5.8 V Wolf 359 0

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Last updated 21 October 1998