DV Homepage

 The DV application is a tool used to view Fits data files. Brief summaries of its
 capabilities are:

  - Manipulates fits images of up to 2048 by 2048 pixels using double float numeric
  - Provides up to 8 buffers and 5 (or 7, or 9) canvases for holding and viewing data
  - Provides 8 graphical display formats: image, FITS header,  histogram,
     line cut, X line cut, Pointer, Noise, and Stats
  - Allows the user to perform arithmetic operation on the fits data
  - Provides tools to calculate statistics on pixels
  - Produces postscript files of graphics for hardcopy output
  - Accepts data and command from other application using sockets

 DV is an X windows application developed using the GTK+ toolkit.

It is under development by the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility as part of the Spex Instrumentation software.


A tutorial-style User Guide explains the various feature of DV.
Download the PDF file.

The Command Dictionary is a reference style document which list and explains all the available DV commands.
Download the PDF file.

DV was written by (Tony Denault ) and (K. M. Hawarden-Ogata.)